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Monday to Friday:  8:30am - 4:00pm
Saturday:  9:00am - Midday
Sunday:  Closed
Out of Hours:  Mike Rowe 0419 305 300 or Mark Bluett 0414 754 992

Please note we are not open on the Saturday of a Long Weekend.


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About Suncamper
Old Suncamper Van

Suncamper commenced operations at Balgowlah NSW in 1977. In 1989 the business was purchased by Keith Harrison and moved originally to Mount Kuring-gai and now to Thornleigh in Sydney. Suncamper is now a leading motorhome and campervan specialist in Australia.

The company started as a two-man operation that fitted pop-tops to vans. In the last 30 years the company has progressed to the manufacturing and construction of high quality motorhomes and campervans and has an array of vehicles and designs to offer our customers variety and comfort. This selection ranges from pop-top campervans, all the way up to 7 metre (24 foot) motorhomes. Suncamper has great flexible abilities towards product and design.

At Suncamper, we believe each consumer of our products can offer helpful and crucial advice as to maintain quality, affordability and a product that appeals to our market. We treat each customer with individuality. Our customers are not merely numbers in a queue, on the contrary, we consider our customers to be an integral part and continual aid to our value and quality systems. It is their feedback in which we stipulate future design and continual improvement.

Mission Statement

"Suncamper offers quality recreational campervans and motorhomes at an affordable price as well as assisting customers with campervan and motorhome needs and/or repairs required with already owned vehicles. Our mission is to complete our function professionally, efficiently and ethically, responding to market needs whilst cordially implementing and perpetuating company knowledge, customer interests and responding appropriately to our internal and external environments."

Happy Couple

The Team
Keith Harrison
Cameron Harrison
General Manager

Cameron overseas all operations at Suncamper Motrhomes. He has extensive experience in manufacturing, in particular working with diverse materials and with architects and designers. He has grown up around motorhomes and imparts his complex knowledge of both manufacturing and operating systems to his team.

Colin Castle
Colin Castle
Production Manager

Colin manages the manufacturing staff at Suncamper, offering great expertise and aptitude to his team. He has a great deal of practical experience regarding every aspect of recreational vehicle construction. Colin has demonstrated absolute loyalty to the company and constantly improves the procedures involved with manufacture.

Mike Rowe
Mike Rowe
0419 305 300
Motorhome and Campervan Sales

Mike has been in the motorhome and campervan industry for many years. He is a familiar face and friend to many in the industry and customers alike. Mike lives and breathes motorhomes, a true example of someone who loves their work. His knowledge and expertise have been built up throughout the years and he is one of the "motorhome gurus" of today.

Mark Bluett
Mark Bluett
0414 754 992
Motorhome and Campervan Sales

Mark is Suncamper's newly appointed motorhome and campervan salesman. He has an extensive and broad background and has been a sales professional for over 30 years.

Keith Harrison
Keith Harrison

Keith purchased Suncamper in 1989 and has successfully developed Suncamper to a new and competitive level. Keith has been and continues to be proficient with motorhome and campervan knowledge and provides credible guidance, insight and knowledge to the company.